MYP Assessment Task Bank


This assessment was created in response to COVID-19 to give teachers resources to help them teach about the mathematics of infectious diseases. This assessment asks students to model (investigate) the number of new cases per day for a fictitious disease outbreak. They will then need to use the function that they find to make a determination (solving an authentic problem) about whether the disease is growing too quickly for the local hospitals to handle. The main concept that this assessment is targeting is exponential functions.

Math Concepts: Exponential functions Modeling Graphing of exponential functions Substitution in exponential functions
MYP Related Concepts: models representation
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation


Students will be given several diagrams of a bedroom with labeled dimensions of the room and the furniture. They will be tasked with choosing the best possible heater for the room based on several conditions like cost, fit, and space that the heater can heat. The furniture of the room are of different shapes so students will need to know how to calculate the areas and volume for each of them.

Math Concepts: Calculating area Calculating volume Prisms Cylinders
MYP Related Concepts: models space
MYP Key Concepts: aesthetics relationships
MYP Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time Personal and Cultural Expression


In this mathematical investigation, students explore patterns when radicals are raised to different powers (first even powers to help recognize patterns and then odd powers to check that the patterns they found actually works). Then, as they continue working with different radical expressions (raised to even and then odd powers), they discover the rules for writing radical expressions in exponential forms. In mark band 7-8, students expand their investigation into cube roots, 4th roots, and nth roots as well.

Math Concepts: power exponent radical surd square square root root
MYP Related Concepts: generalization patterns
MYP Key Concepts: logic
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation


Students in this investigation will explore patterns in relation to the addition and subtraction of unit fractions. In Part A students will need to come up with their own understanding of unit fractions before considering a pattern for the addition of unit fractions. Afterward, in Part B, an unguided investigation will need to be carried out regarding the subtraction of unit fractions from each other.

Math Concepts: Fractions Adding & Subtracting Fractions Unit Fractions Numerators and Denominators
MYP Related Concepts: equivalence simplification
MYP Key Concepts: change
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
In this assessment, students investigate palindromes and, after setting up initial conditions, working with one-step, two-step, and multi-step palindromes. Throughout the task, students will use colors to recognize patterns on the 0-99 number square. By the end of the task, students will have worked through all one- and two-digit numbers to determine whether they are palindromes, one-step palindromes, two-step palindromes, or the numbers require multiple steps to get to a palindrome.

Math Concepts: number properties palindromes addition patterns
MYP Related Concepts: patterns systems
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Identities and Relationships