MYP Assessment Task Bank

In this assessment, students use their knowledge of SOHCAHTOA, sine and cosine rules (in the extended version only), and angle(s) of elevation/depression to find distances between mountain peaks, heights of various points, and other measurements related to the 1995 movie The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. Watching the movie prior to the assessment might provide additional value for the students. For this purpose, there is a list of questions (with answers) provided.

Math Concepts: trigonometry sine rule cosine rule distance SOHCAHTOA angle of elevation angle of depression height slope
MYP Related Concepts: change measurement models
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
The Sierpinski triangle is a mathematical concept that has intrigued pure mathematicians for over a century. This investigation gives students a chance to explore some of its concepts algebraically. In this particular investigation works very well if you want students to explain rules for integer and whole number exponents.

Math Concepts: Exponents Radicals Indices Index
MYP Related Concepts: generalization patterns representation
MYP Key Concepts: connections
MYP Global Context: Identities and Relationships Orientation in Space and Time
This investigation explores how to find a formula for the coordinates of points on a Cartesian coordinate plane that divide a segment into 2, 3, 4, …, n equal parts. Students are guided through a process to discover a formula for finding the coordinates of the points that divide a segment into 2, 3, 4,…, n equal parts.

Math Concepts: graph plot coordinate plane segment midpoint coordinates
MYP Related Concepts: generalization patterns
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
In this assessment students investigate perimeters and circumferences of a sequence of inscribed circles and squares. The basic knowledge of Pythagorean Theorem and sequences and series is required.

Math Concepts: Pythagoren Theorem arithmetic sequence geometric sequence arithmetic series geometric series
MYP Related Concepts: justification patterns simplification
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
Students will be tasked as a representative of a cell phone network to inform a customer about the best choice cell plan for her based on her preferences. To do this the student will need to model algebraic and graphic equations that are simultaneous in relation to each other. They will use this to help make an informed and evidence-based decision for the customer.

Math Concepts: Decimals Modeling Linear Equations Graphing Linear Equations Solving Simultaneous Equations
MYP Related Concepts: models representation systems
MYP Key Concepts: aesthetics connections relationships systems
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development