MYP Assessment Task Bank

In this assessment, students need to recognize and apply certain properties of exponents and powers to successfully complete the investigation, as well as apply spatial reasoning and logical thinking. The final outcome of determining a general rule to predict the survivor’s position with any number of soldiers in the circle need not be expressed algebraically, but students will need to provide a clear description of their general rule and demonstrate verification of their results.

Math Concepts: exponents power operations patterns sequences
MYP Related Concepts: systems
MYP Key Concepts: development
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
Parallel and perpendicular lines have algebraic rules within the structures of their equations, both in the standard form and gradient-intercept form. This investigation asks students to model straight lines on the cartesian plane and then explore the patterns within coefficients of the variables for the two forms of the equations.

Math Concepts: parallel lines perpendicular lines straight lines gradient simple ratios standard from of a line gradient-intercept form of a line
MYP Related Concepts: equivalence patterns representation
MYP Key Concepts: perspective relationships
MYP Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
In this investigation, students learn how to create a fair game, i.e. a game that provides equal likelihood of “winning” to all players, as they explore a process to find cases in which the probability of taking out two marbles of the same color is equal to the probability of taking out two marbles of different colors.

Math Concepts: probability sample space tree diagram triangular numbers
MYP Related Concepts: equivalence patterns
MYP Key Concepts: creativity logic
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
In a large plantation, a plant got infected, mostly likely through some sort of insect or bug. The virus infecting the plant acts fast: in just one day not only does it spread to all closest plants, it also kills its original host plant. In this investigation students explore the spread of a virus on a plantation in different scenarios: at first the spread on plants planted in a row, then on plants planted in a rectangular grid, and finally on a hexagonal grid.

Math Concepts: sequence patterns
MYP Related Concepts: generalization systems
MYP Key Concepts: connections
MYP Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability
Solar panels are an alternative source of energy that can help protect our environment and fight climate change. One of the reasons that adoption of solar panels has been slow is because they are currently big, expensive, and are not as efficient as less environmentally friendly sources. However, this is changing as the design and science of this technology advances. This assessment asks students to help a school determine how many solar panels it should purchase based on area, energy output, and cost.

Math Concepts: rate surface area algebraic substitution multiplication with decimals percentages
MYP Related Concepts: models representation
MYP Key Concepts: change communication
MYP Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability