MYP Assessment Task Bank

This assessment mixes a number of concepts as part of the problem solving component. Students will need to have a good sense of perimeter, area, algebraic fractions, forming equations from word problems, and a little bit of basic financial mathematics. The problem sets a context where students can grow their own vegetables at the school and then sell them to the school. The assessment asks students to create a plan that models revenue, cost, and profit in the form of equations and to determine the dimensions needed to maximize those profits.

Math Concepts: perimeter area deriving equations combining equations algebraic fractions revenue cost profit
MYP Related Concepts: quantity space
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability
The sport of paintball is all about taking advantage of certain angles. This assessment asks students to evaluate a scenario to locate a player on the opposing team and to setup a strategy to best hit them with a paintball. To do this, knowledge and application of trigonometric ratios for right triangles and the Pythagorean theorem will be necessary to complete the task.

Math Concepts: Pythagorean theorem trigonometric ratios right triangles
MYP Related Concepts: measurement models space
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time
In this task, students are asked to investigate the fairness of two different probability games The games (a coin flipping game and a ball picking game) are specifically designed so that they are unfair and can be proven so through the finding of an pattern in the probabilities. The coin flipping game, in Part A, has a fairly simple pattern that is based on adding probabilities of compounded events. Meanwhile, in Part B, the ball picking game’s pattern is quite a bit more complex as the game has an extra condition that changes the probabilities of events over the course of a game.

Math Concepts: probability probability of compound events tree diagrams sample space
MYP Related Concepts: models patterns
MYP Key Concepts: systems
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
This assessment is suggested to be used in an introduction to financial mathematics unit in conjunction with a review of operations with fractions. The context of the assessment suggests that your school is considering to build a new gym for the school. Students will be asked to propose a financial plan for this new gym, where the gym needs to be constructed within 3 years and for the least amount of money.

Math Concepts: fraction addition financial math principal and interest rates multiplying by a percentage
MYP Related Concepts: models quantity
MYP Key Concepts: communication logic
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
In this assessment, students investigate (1) the number of chords and (2) the number of regions in a circle created by a different number of chords. In Part A, students discover how different number of points marked on a circle result in different number of chords/regions, then in Part B they use the patterns found previously to suggest a rule, in the form of a recursive and then an explicit formula, for the number of chords in a circle. In the last section(s) of the assessment students discover (or use) the formula for the number of regions in the circle.

Math Concepts: points regions sequence quadratic sequence quartic sequence GDC regression line recursive formula explicit formula
MYP Related Concepts: patterns systems
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Identities and Relationships