MYP Assessment Task Bank

The glass pyramid of The Louvre is iconic and famous. However, this pyramid also contains mathematical patterns that this assessment explores. The rhombuses that form the sides of The Louvre can be divided into triangles, and in turn those triangles can come together to form even larger triangles. In this investigation students will look for relationships between the height (Part A) and the area (Part B) of these triangles and the number of rows needed to make those triangles. To problem solve students can use either trigonometric ratios or the Pythagorean Theorem.

Math Concepts: operations with radicals right angle triangle trigonometric ratios Pythagorean Theorem area of a triangle
MYP Related Concepts: patterns space
MYP Key Concepts: form
MYP Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression
The context of this assessment place students in a grade-wide competition for designing a bird house. The be accepted into the competition though, students must find a way to minimize the amount of wood used in the design structure given certain constraints. There is one variable in the design and students must propose a value for it that would allow for the construction of the bird house to use the least amount of wood.

Math Concepts: right triangles Pythagorean Theorem
MYP Related Concepts: models space
MYP Key Concepts: logic
MYP Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time Globalization and Sustainability
This assessment looks at the fairness of a game involving the sum of two die. The game itself is unfair and the task asks students to first find out how it is unfair and then follow-up with proposing rule changes to make it fair. They will then need to explain the logic behind the changes. This assessment connects very well with the Probability Games Investigation found on The EdVaults website since both look into the fairness of games based on probability.

Math Concepts: addition rules for probability probability of independent events
MYP Related Concepts: models representation systems
MYP Key Concepts: logic
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
This assessment mixes a number of concepts as part of the problem solving component. Students will need to have a good sense of perimeter, area, algebraic fractions, forming equations from word problems, and a little bit of basic financial mathematics. The problem sets a context where students can grow their own vegetables at the school and then sell them to the school. The assessment asks students to create a plan that models revenue, cost, and profit in the form of equations and to determine the dimensions needed to maximize those profits.

Math Concepts: perimeter area deriving equations combining equations algebraic fractions revenue cost profit
MYP Related Concepts: quantity space
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability
The sport of paintball is all about taking advantage of certain angles. This assessment asks students to evaluate a scenario to locate a player on the opposing team and to setup a strategy to best hit them with a paintball. To do this, knowledge and application of trigonometric ratios for right triangles and the Pythagorean theorem will be necessary to complete the task.

Math Concepts: Pythagorean theorem trigonometric ratios right triangles
MYP Related Concepts: measurement models space
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time