Birthday Cake Sharing RLP

This real-life problem explores the concept of sharing with students and asks students to consider what to do when a situation is presented to them where it is impossible to be completely fair with everyone. It asks, what can you do to make it as fair as possible? To answer this, students will need to create a seating chart to split birthday cakes that are spread out across 3 rooms in such a way where the amount of cake each person gets could be considered as fair as possible. Students will need to back up their proposal with reasons. To do this, students will need to figure out what fraction of a cake each student will get in different scenarios. This assessment can also be done with decimals.

Math Concepts: fractions decimals equivalent fractions operations with fractions
MYP Related Concepts: models quantity
MYP Key Concepts: relationships
MYP Global Context: Fairness and Development
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