Q: I have registered my account as part of my organization, but I haven’t been given access to the premium services.

A: This may be because the admin of the website or your organization hasn’t activated your account yet. It could also be that your organization has not paid for a subscription yet. Please remember it takes up to 24 hours after payment is received for premium services to be granted.

Q: If I submit an assessment idea will you for sure make the assessment?

A: This is not a guarantee. However, if we believe the idea is a good one we will try to make the assessment under the assumption that it can be added to the task bank. We usually let you know within 24 hours what we will do.

Q: Why do some assessments list several Global Contexts, Related Concepts, and Key Concepts when only one of each should be chosen?

A: This is only meant to show which of the contexts and concepts can fit with the assessment you are looking at. It is up to you as a teacher to ultimately decide which fits best with your unit.

Q: What are the Editorial Resources for an assessment?

A: Those are resources that were used in the assessment itself that can be edited by the teacher. For example, if an assessment has a diagram with measurements on them the diagram can be found in the Editorial Resources as something that can be changed to suit the teacher’s needs.

Q: What are the Supporting Resources?

A: These are resources to support the teacher in preparing students for the assessment.

Q: How come I don’t see Student Examples for most of the assessments provided?

A: This is the next stage of our development of the resources. We would like to have student examples for most of the resources by the end of the year.