Pricing and Payment

At The EdVaults, we believe that teachers should get the most updated content as soon as possible. While most textbooks and publishing companies wait every couple of years to publish new editions of their work, we publish new material as soon as they have been created and edited. For that reason we follow a yearly subscription based model for our assessments. This ensures that you have access to new content right away.

Subscription Details

  • There are two types of subscriptions offered at The EdVaults: (1) per assessment subscriptions, and (2) bundle subscriptions. Each of these are described in the following sections.
  • We add new assessments to The EdVaults regularly.
    • The assessment will include the task sheet and an answer key. Sometimes support documents, such as worksheets, and resources documents, such as original image files from the task to allow for editing, are added.
    • Some assessments have a standard and an extended version on the site. These are considered separate assessments.
  • The EdVaults team is also available for consultation. If you have an assessment idea that you are working on, or want feedback on an assessment you’ve already created, feel free to reach out to us at

Per Assessment Subscription

  • Each individual assessment has the same price of USD 10.
  • You may add to your cart as many individual assessments as you would like.
  • After purchasing an assessment, you will be given a 1-year subscription access to the assessment.
  • After one year, you will have the option to renew access to the assessment(s). However, unlike bundle subscriptions, there is no discounted price for the renewal.
  • To add an assessment to your cart, simply visit the details page of the assessment you are interested in and find the “Add to Cart” options.

Bundle Subscriptions

  • There are two subscription options:
    • All Grades subscription: This provides access to all assessments on The EdVaults, including new ones added within the time period of the subscription.
    • Individual Grade Level subscription: This provides access to all the assessments for the specific grade level, including new ones added to it within the time period of the subscription. 
  • The All Grades subscription price is USD 400 and at the end of the subscription you can renew for a discounted price of USD 100.
  • The Individual Grade Level subscription price is USD 100 and at the end of the subscription you can renew for a discounted price of USD 25.
  • At the completion of the subscription(s), users have up to 6 months to renew at a discounted renewal price. 
    • We do not do automatic renewals, so users need to make sure to do it themselves. Email reminders are sent out near the expiration of the subscription and during the discount period. 
    • If a subscription is not renewed within the 6 month period, the discounted price will no longer be available.
    • Renewed subscriptions will also be valid for 365 days (1 year)
  • This pricing model takes into account the fact that when you purchase a bundle for the first time, you get first time access to all the assessments created since the inception of the site. We realize that after renewing a subscription, only a few more assessments will be added to the site in comparison to the aggregate, so the renewal price should be proportionately lower.

Payment Options

  • After adding your choice of subscription(s) to the cart, there are two options for payment:
    • PayPal: Payment can be made directly through PayPal. Once payment is received, access to the subscription(s) are granted immediately. Note: PayPal allows for direct credit or debit card purchases without signing up to their system.
    • Bank Wire Transfer: In case of payment through bank wire transfer, VAT details are required to be included in an auto-generated invoice, which contains the bank details necessary to initiate the bank wire transfer. Once payment is received, access to the assessment(s) are granted within 24 hours.
  • For any questions, concerns, or special requests (for example making changes to the invoice or delaying the start of a subscription to a specific day, such as the first day of school), please contact us at

Individual Teacher vs Organizational Accounts

  • Individual Teacher Accounts can either be individuals who would like to purchase a subscription independently or teachers in an organization who will have their account linked to the organization’s account and access to its subscriptions. 
  • Organizational Accounts are for schools or organizations that would like to subscribe to The EdVaults. This account should be set up by the person who will be the administrator for the organization. This is usually the Head of Department or the MYP Coordinator. The organizational account will have the ability to manage teacher accounts that are linked to the organization’s subscription(s). 


We are a small team working hard to create a quality product for MYP educators at modest prices. For that reason, we implore you to not share the resources you get from this website to individuals who are not subscribed to our services. Instead we hope you recommend us to them. The distribution of our copyrighted material outside of the subscriber’s organization is a breach of our terms of services and may result in legal consequences. We take great pride in providing these resources, but we can only do so as long as we can sustain those efforts financially.