Pricing and Payment

At The EdVaults, we believe that teachers should get the most updated content as soon as possible. While most textbooks and publishing companies wait every couple of years to publish new editions of their work, we publish new material as soon as they go through our quality control process. Thus, the pricing works as follows:

Pricing Structure

As you may have noticed, until you pay for a subscription you will only have access to 4 of our assessments. The pricing for our premium services works as follows:

  • $200 Membership Fee (1-time payment for permanent membership)
    • The reasoning behind this is to give you access to all the materials that has been created since the inception of the EdVaults.
  • $200 Yearly Subscription
    • Since we are consistantly adding new materials and updating our existing resources, a subscription is needed to keep this work sustainable.

What this basically means is that the first year fee is $400, but you will only need to pay $200 yearly thereafter if you choose to renew your subscription. What this will give you is the following:

Benefits of Premium Access

With the premium access subscription, you can add up to 10 members to your organization account (you can request more directly with us if needed). The subscription offers you or your organization the following:

  • Access to all assessment resources that have been added to the site.

  • Immediate access to new assessments that are added periodically. Currently, there are over 55 assessments with 2-3 more added monthly. 

  • Immediate access to updates on the assessments periodically based on user feedback, IB updated guidelines, and structure of future e-Assessments.

  • A relationship with the EdVaults team who would like to help make the assessments fit with your units and the needs of your students. 

Future work

As our product develops we aim to add more elements to our assessments such as the following:

  • Answer Keys
  • Differentiated versions of assessments (Extended, Standard, Gifted, Scaffolded, etc) to meet different learners and school needs
  • Examples of graded student work
  • Supporting resources to help your students prepare for the assessments

We eventually would also like to expand into other MYP subjects such as the sciences, individuals and societies, arts, etc. 


We believe this is a very modest price for the time and energy we have put in to make this website a reality. For that reason, we implore that you do not share the resources you get from this website to individuals who are not subscribed to our services and instead recommend our services. The distribution of our copyrighted material outside of your organization is a breach of our terms of services and you may face legal consequences if that is the case. We take great pride in providing you the resources you need, but we can only do so as long as we can sustain those efforts financially.

Our primary means of payment is through PayPal. When using this method please try to include your name or the organization's name.

Membership and Subscription Options

Alternatively, If you would like to pay by wire transfer, please let us know at We guarantee to respond with our bank details within 24 hours.

Please also contact us if you have any trouble with paying in general.